Worship Services

Worship Services

We believe that the worship of God is the most important and privileged ministry of those who have become God’s children by faith in Christ!

Our style of worship is unapologetically a blend of traditional and contemporary, since we believe they represent the differing preferences of God’s people here at First EFC of Maine.

We believe that many of the old hymns are a rich heritage of strong teaching about who God is and what he has done. They also encourage us to remember that we are identified with generations of other believers who also worshiped the Lord “in spirit and in truth.”

Contemporary musical elements such as choruses and special music keep our worship fresh as we “sing a new song unto the Lord.” Occasional videos, object lessons, and dramatic monologues flow from our conviction that the unchanging truth of God in the Bible can and should be clothed in fresh forms to communicate to a new generation.

Sermons flow naturally out of our worship and focus upon our response to who God is and what He has done. These messages are relevant presentations of God’s truth contained in the Bible. They are intended to probe and reveal the need for salvation in the unbeliever and to promote spiritual growth in the believer.

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