Dr. David Lambertson

Dr. David Lambertson

Dr. David Lambertson

Dave is a native Mainer, born in Waterville and raised (literally) on the shore of Moosehead Lake in Greenville.

Through the writing of Billy Graham and the testimony of a high school friend (Margo, now his wife) and her family and church, he opened his heart to Christ as Lord and Savior as a high school junior on Christmas eve, 1967.

He became part of a church plant in Greenville the next spring, then followed the Lord’s leading to biblical education at New Brunswick Bible Institute, Philadelphia College of Bible (now Cairn University), and Western Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary, finishing with a D. Min. degree in 1995.

Dave and Margo married in 1973, and have been blessed with three daughters, one son, six granddaughters, and one grandson.

His vocational ministry career has included thirty years of Bible college teaching in Montana and Maine and six years of pastoral ministry in Maine. Along the way, he also spent seventeen years working as a limousine driver.

Dave and Margo love vacations on Upper Wilson Pond in Greenville, kayaking, bicycling, walking, watching movies on Netflix, and spending time with their kids and grandkids. They part company while Margo gardens and Dave watches the Red Sox.

His ministry passion is teaching God’s word. To adapt Eric Liddell’s phrase, Dave would say, “When I teach, I feel His (God’s) pleasure.

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