Our Organization

Our Organization

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Head and Chief Shepherd of His church and directs the local church through the Holy Spirit and godly leadership.

The members of the congregation of this local church, in submission to their head, Christ, have final and overall authority in the affairs of this local church. Membership is limited to those who are believers. Becoming a member involves attending a discovery class, applying for membership, sharing one’s testimony through an interview with the elders, and approval by the elders.

Elders consist of the pastors and qualified, elected laymen who are charged with the overall leadership and spiritual welfare of the church. Their God-given roles include protecting, feeding, leading and caring for God’s people.

Deacons assist the pastors and Elders in the spiritual and physical care of people within the church family. These leaders serve through personal encouragement and by organizing help with such things as meals for the sick, transportation, childcare, and other demonstrations of Christ-like love.

There are committees that are responsible for accomplishing the vital ministries of the church. The committees consists of an elected chairperson and approved members who serve in the vital ministries of the Church including missions and stewardship.

The Pastoral Staff serves the church through equipping believers for the work of the ministry, preaching, teaching and leading the Church to accomplish God’s purposes.

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