Sunday School

Sunday School


(0-1year old): In addition to providing for the basic needs of these children, the Sunday School teachers also share Bible stories through song, a flannel board and story books.


(2-3 years old, 4-5 years old): In these classes, teachers gently introduce the most familiar Bible accounts to their students through stories, songs, crafts and games. In addition, the fundamental Christian message of God’s love for each student is emphasized. Examples from the Bible, showing our need for God, are reiterated.


(1st – 2nd grades, 3-5th grades): In these Sunday School classes, students learn more about Bible accounts, and how to apply them to their own lives. In the 3-5th grade, topical studies (e.g., angels throughout the Bible) or an indepth study of one book of the Bible occur throughout the school year.

There is also a Children’s Choir that includes age 4 through grade 5. Each Sunday, the group practices biblically based songs, and they sing in front of the congregation four times a year.

Middle School

The Middle School class is made up of students in grades six through eight. We teach God’s Word in a variety of manners with the understanding that Middle School students are young people with important questions. During our time together we have fun while showing the students that God’s Word is as applicable to their lives as it was at the time it was written.

High School

We examine each week’s sermon in detail. Our goal is to develop a world view that is Christ-honoring and God-fearing, as well as neighbor-loving. We spend time praying for others, and we laugh – a lot!

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