Frederich Center

Frederich Center



Monday Evenings From March 7th Through May 9th, 2016
TIME: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


317 Main Street
Gorham, ME 04038

This course is designed to demonstrate the truthfulness of biblical Christianity by explaining clearly the primary philosophical and historical basis for it. Students will read a textbook (Winfried Courduan’s No Doubt about It: The Case for Christianity) and take non-graded quizzes to test their mastery of it, interact with both the instructor’s and students’ class presentations, and develop and present their own concise answer to a common objection to Christianity of their own choosing.
They will be encouraged to develop a style of defending Christianity that is characterized by both gentleness and respect toward people (1 Peter 3:15).

The class will be taught by Rev. David Lambertson, D. Min. former Professor of Theology at New England Bible College. David also taught at Big Sky Bible College in Montana. He has nearly thirty years experience teaching college classes in Bible and theology, as well as in pastoral ministry.

Textbook: Winfried Courduan’s No Doubt about It: The Case for Christianity. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 1997. ISBN # 0-8054-1647-1 (pbk) Currently it is $17.59 new on, with good used copies available for as little as one cent plus $3.99 shipping.
The fee for the 20 hour class is $100, make check payable to the Frederich Center.

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